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Setting Up JProvd


See Set-up.



Check latest version here.


'Setting Up' instructions must be followed fully to add necessary golang path info to the current users ~/.profile. If these steps are skipped, 'make install' will not build jprovd--the provider daemon. Please ensure to perform the below steps as the 'jackal' user you previously made.

Install make and confirm installation.

sudo apt update

sudo apt install make

make --version

Build jprovd and source the .profile to ensure your shell can find jprovd. Confirm installation.

git clone

cd canine-provider

git pull

git checkout {version}

make install

source ~/.profile

jprovd version

If you used ZFS to make a zpool. Give ownership of the zpool to the jackal user.

sudo chown -R jackal:jackal /{pool-name}



Your keybase identity can be left as "" if you don't want to link your provider to keybase.

  1. Export the path to your storage pool
export PHOME={path-to-pool-from-before}
  1. Generate your provider's private key
jprovd client gen-key --home=$PHOME
  1. Configure the chain-id
jprovd client config chain-id {chain-id} --home=$PHOME
  1. Configure the rpc node your provider will use to connect to the chain
jprovd client config node {your node} --home=$PHOME

Some users may find it easier to complete steps 3 and 4 manually. Instructions for Ubuntu are below:

In your terminal, while inside of the PHOME directory, type 'nautilus'. This will open the nautilus file explorer. At the top right corner, make sure 'Show Hidden Files' is checked. Navigate to your '.jackal-storage' folder to access the config folder. Open the client.toml file to manually type in the 'chain-id' and 'node'. Save and close the client.toml file.

Testnet and Mainnet chain-ids can be found here: If you are not running your own tendermint RPC node, Jackal Labs is currently hosting a testnet tendermint RPC node. Endpoint below:

We will also be hosting a tendermint rpc node for mainnet, which will be made accessible to the public at launch of Jackal Storage.

Before completing step 5 below, your account will need tokens. Testnet tokens can be obtained at Mainnet tokens can be purchased on

  1. Initialize the provider


jprovd init "" "9000" "" --home=$PHOME

Please note that 'https://' is required to be included in the FQDN or init will throw an error. Link for TB to Bytes converter:

  1. Start the provider
jprovd start --home=$PHOME