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Installing Canined


See Set-up.

Firewall Configuration

Configure UFW to only accept traffic on ports we use.

ufw limit ssh/tcp comment 'Rate limit for openssh server'
ufw default deny incoming
ufw default allow outgoing
ufw allow 26656/tcp comment 'JACKAL - Cosmos SDK/Tendermint P2P'
ufw allow 26657/tcp comment 'JACKAL - Cosmos SDK/Tendermint P2P'
ufw enable

Perform the next follow steps as your jackal user with 'sudo' permissions

Creating a Service

You may want the daemon to run without you needing to supervise it. To turn the executable into a service follow these steps.

First create the service file /etc/systemd/system/canined.service

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/canined.service

Copy and paste the follow into the service file: (you may need to edit it if you've set a custom home directory location)

Description=Jackal Validator

ExecStart=/home/jackal/go/bin/canined start


Update systemd and enable the service file.

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable canined.service

Building from Source

Replace <VERSION> with the current running version.

git clone
cd canine-chain
git fetch -a
git checkout <VERSION>

make install

From there you will be able to use canined, ex:

canined version