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Command Lind Interface (CLI)

The CLI is a tool for both users and developers to interact with the Jackal Protocol without a traditional GUI.

Download and Install

Head to the Releases page and download the binary for your system.

Setting up an Account

You can create a new account like this:

canined keys add {account name}

Or you can recover an account with a seed phrase like this:

canined keys add {account name} --recover

Buying Storage

Buying 1TB for a single month:

canined tx storage buy-storage $(canined keys show {account name} -a) 720h 1099511627776 ujkl --from {account name} --gas-prices=0.02ujkl

In this case, 720h is 720 hours, or one month, you can specify the hours you wish to buy storage for here. 1099511627776 is how many bytes you wish to purchase, this value is 1TiB, you can increase this or decrease this as you please.