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JKLmint Module

The jklmint module is responsible for the management of the native JKL token within the Jackal Protocol. This module handles the issuance, distribution, and inflation of JKL tokens, ensuring a stable and secure token economy.


The jklmint module manages the following aspects of the JKL token:

  1. Token Issuance: Determines the initial token supply and distribution.
  2. Inflation: Manages the annual inflation rate, maintaining a consistent token supply growth.
  3. Rewards Distribution: Handles the allocation of newly minted tokens as rewards for validators and delegators.


The jklmint module uses the following parameters to manage the JKL token economy:

  • inflation_rate: The annual percentage rate at which the token supply will grow.
  • inflation_min: The minimum annual inflation rate allowed.
  • inflation_max: The maximum annual inflation rate allowed.
  • goal_bonded: The desired percentage of the total token supply that should be staked by validators and delegators.
  • blocks_per_year: The estimated number of blocks produced in a year.