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Name Service Module

The rns (Reverse Name Service) module is an essential component of the Jackal Protocol, providing a user-friendly naming system for blockchain addresses. The RNS module simplifies the process of interacting with complex addresses by mapping them to human-readable names. This module allows users to transfer tokens and permissions to files/folders stored on the Jackal Protocol using human readable names.


The rns module manages the following aspects of the Reverse Name Service:

  1. Name Registration: Allows users to register unique names for their blockchain addresses.
  2. Name Management: Facilitates updating, renewing, and transferring RNS names.
  3. Name Resolution: Provides a mechanism for resolving RNS names to their corresponding addresses.
  4. Name Sales: Enables users to buy and sell RNS names through the RNS Marketplace.
  5. Name Transfers: Enables users to transfer RNS names.

For a more detailed guide on integrating the rns module into your application, please refer to the module documentation on GitHub.